About Final Render

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About Final Render

You can’t create art over night…well, actually you probably can…but that’s not point!
Making really awesome renders takes time…okay, fine…usually takes a long time to make. (Not to mention trying to get it to look like it did in your head!)

But after all those hideous test renders and draft renders and renders that you hadn’t even bothered to look at, the end result, that Final Render, is totally worth the wait.

I am in no way an CG (Computer Graphics) expert, but I want to share what I do know and what I learn with you here, on Final Render, to make you learning easier…And maybe you’ll have some fun too!

Oh, and Final Render is the learning division of YanniStyle with it’s goal to teach underprivileged and underrepresented girls 3D design and how to use coding in the world of 3D.

Okay, here’s some stuff about me.

It’s pretty obvious but I’m gonna say it anyway, I love CG!
Some of my favorite things in the CG field are:

  • 3D Toons! Also known as ‘Stylized Characters’ but…’Toons’ is just a way more fun term!
  • Rendering my 3D characters in 2D definitely makes the list! (Mainly cuz’ I can’t draw….)
  • 3D Anime! I know this probably goes under Toons, but 3D anime is so cool I had to mention it!
  • Another is 3D Animation! Although I’m not very good at it…I will be someday!
  • I also like creating 3D Objects, characters, and clothing.
  • The list goes on and on so let’s move on because I’m sure you’ve got the gist.

Here are some of my hobbies!

  • Coloring (Coloring’s not only for little kids you know.),
  • Reading
  • Making comics (I’ll get around to actually finishing them one of these days),
  • Macro Photography (Flower close-ups are my favorite)
  • And watching YouTube videos.

And lastly, my Favorites
Favorite Software: Marvelous Designer (duh.)
Favorite 3D Thing to Make: Clothing and Still Render Art (I know I picked two but I couldn’t decide)