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Food, Oral Hygiene, Pets, Holistic Living, Dieting, Nutrition… I think you get the idea. Here at Salubrious, we have all the health stuff. We put the “Whole” in holistic with our heart-healthy blog posts and total approach to living. LEARN MORE



Final Render

If you have an interest in Computer Graphics Final Render is for you! Final Render is YanniStyle’s teaching division. Students learn about 3D Art and Fashion Design through blogs, videos, and interactive courses. LEARN MORE

Dufus Art

Dufus Art teaches beginning artists digital painting, manga, and comic drawing. Using engaging blog posts, newsletters, and interactive videos, Dufus Art provides a funny approach to drawing through industry standard software such as Photoshop and ZBrush. LEARN MORE

Code Mama

Code Mama teaches through blogging and gaming. It also includes engaging comics and videos. They are designed to teach programming, robotics, and computer science in a fun, creative, and edifying way. LEARN MORE



Inube, Organic Onions’ supplementary school curriculum, is focused on SAT prep to:

  • help prepare students for college
  • help create young adults who can compete in our global economy
  • prepare students with noble character Create lifelong learners
  • and continue to sharpen students’ appetite for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.




About YanniStyle Ready

YanniStyle Ready is a YouTube Channel about all things fashion. Have the Ready app? Get all the updates for the app and more at YS Ready blog.

About YanniStyle (YS)

Coming soon in the next layers, YanniStyle. A place where anyone can browse a diverse selection of fashions through 3D simulations.


About YanniStyle Junior (YSJ)

YanniStyle Junior is a Story-Driven Roblox game for young girls. The user plays as the Main Character [Default Name: Ruby] who wants to become a Fashion Designer. Under the guidance of the mysterious fairy, FireFly, the user progresses in the game by doing various tasks and Mini-Game style challenges. Don’t forget to stop by the lobby to chat with other players, Visit their rooms and view their Designs, enter super fun Events!

YanniStyle Junior Coming soon!COMING SOON



Organic Onion’s app, Ready, is an AR location-based app where players can browse a diverse fashion catalog, save and share their favorite outfits, and chat with friends. The Ready app sends notifications to players about sales and discounts from fashion stores near them. LEARN MORE