Dufus Art FAQs

Q: What is Dufus Art?

A: Dufus Art is an blog that breaks down art and creative writing subjects into bite-sized blog posts, newsletters, episodic videos and more. Join the fun here.

Q: What are the Dufus Art Courses?

A: Dufus Art Courses are online video lessons that expand on the articles posted on the blog. Check them our here.

Q: Where are the Dufus Art Courses ?

A: The Dufus Art online courses are hosted on the Udemy and Vimeo platforms.

Q: What is the Dufus Art Club?

A: Dufus Art Club is an all-girls weekly meetup where young artists get together and draw with like-minded individuals. Read more on the club details page.

Q: How do I sign up for the Dufus Art Club?

A: It’s easy. You can sign up for the Dufus Art Club by clicking here.

Q: What are the Dufus Art Club locations?

A: The Dufus Art Club’s current locations are listed on the Details page.

Q: What are the age requirements for the Dufus Art Club?

A: Go to the Club Details page to find out age requirements.

Q: What is the difference between the Dufus Art Blog, Courses, and the Club?

A: The Dufus Art Blog is where all the tips, tutorials, and advice is posted; the Courses expand on topics covered on the blog through entertaining videos and fun projects; the Club is a live meetup where girls get together to learn, explore, and meet with like-minded artists.