Dufus Art

Illustration by Tezzerah


All it takes is to pick up a pencil, pen, stylus, rock, whatever. No matter who you are, what you use, or whatever art style you choose, you can’t get anywhere if you don’t start. Don’t wait until you have “professional” tools. Grab that chewed up number 2 pencil and dive in. If you don’t begin, you’ll never know where you’ll go.

Illustration by Tezzerah


There’s not a reason in the world why drawing practice should be boring, frustrating, or any other negative adjective. Period. If practicing art makes you want to [negative action here], then you really need to try something else. Seriously, do. Dufus Art’s tutorials, blog posts, videos, and mildly entertainment art tips break down art practice into Journeys so you can choose what you art, where you art, and how you art. They’re easily digestible, but totally not edible. How’s that for advertising?


Ever wondered about the brains of this operation called Dufus Art? Probably not, but take a look anyway and read all about the awesome members of Team Dufus Art.