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Slash N’ Burn

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Eats n’ Ates

Eats and Ates, a real-time strategy game (RTS), is a gardening and farming game geared towards girls and women. Teaming up with others, you will have to grow your crops, brave natural disasters, and defend your farm against thieves.

Eats and Ates has a relaxing gameplay atmosphere, all the while keeping players active to tending to their plants or animals. The goal of the game is for players to build an efficient farm and garden, preventing damage from natural disasters. Players can acquire greenhouses and other equipment to keep their investment safe, as well as team up with other players.LEARN MORE ON GAMECELL



After The Second Expanse there was nothing left… except a light. And that light was the same light that spawned The Second Expanse, the 2nd world. Now that same light was spawning another world, The Final Globe. The Final Globe was just like the other worlds but different in its own way. It was more updated, more technological, more prepared… 


Join the adventure! Learn more about this coding game on Game Cell!LEARN MORE ON GAMECELL

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