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The Regular Membership can consist of either an individual or a company. The individual has to be at lest 18 years or older to join, and both parties must support Organic Onions in at least one of the three following ways: Money, Marketing, or Skills/Resources.


Kids (and teens) can help us too. The Junior Membership is for the people under 18 that want to support Organic Onions Studios. Donate some allowance money? Tell your friends at school? Volunteer your skills? Junior Members can do it all, and also have the benefit of taking our in-person classes when they become available.


Donating is the easiest thing you can do to promote Organic Onions. You or your company can provide money in a number of ways such as donations, purchasing merchandise, or proving scholarship and grant money. Donations given to Organic Onions not only help us keep the lights on, but also helps our family serve yours. DONATE


Spread the word of Organic Onions Studios to your friends, family, and community by joining our Tell-A-Friend program. As a participant, you receive a Tell-a-Friend Kit (fancy for Press Kit) full of graphics, text, and all that you need to get started. You’ll then promote Organic Onions through your social media channels, blogs, and in real life conversation.LEARN MORE


Have a special skill, whether it is your hobby or profession? Lend a hand to Organic Onions Studios and donate your time and efforts to building this organization. We need everyone from game developers to social media managers to casual bloggers. Just check out our volunteers page to see what positions we need filled. See something that’s not there, but you think it could help? Contact us and let us know.LEARN MORE


Being a beneficiary means that they can take part in the membership program by participating in a camp, course, or demo whether it be online or a physical workshop. COMING SOON