Salubrious FAQs

Q: What is Salubrious?

A: Salubrious is our health blog talking about about our health journey. Read more on what what Salubrious is all about here.

Q: What does Salubrious means?

A: Salubrious means healhty. And because of this meaning we chose it to be the name of our health blog.

Q: Why does Salubrious have affiliate links?

A: We use affiliate links on the Salubrious blog page and throughout the posts so we can share the stuff we use with those that are interested. By clicking those links, Organic Onions Studios receives a little money from the transaction. So you’re not only keeping you and your loved ones healthy, but helping girls around the world achieve their dreams.

Q: With so many green drinks on the market, why did you settle in on Green Vibrance?

A: We chose Green Vibrance because of it’s non-proprietary ingredient listing so we know exactly what we are putting into our bodies.