Startup Projects

Phase 1 Startup Projects


The Code Mama Club partners with the following organizations: Girls Who Code,, Code Combat, and Code Kingdoms. The Code Mama Club encourages kids to pursue the field of computer science as well express creativity and friendship. The club will need equipment such as: laptops, computers and more. Organic Onions will provide scholarships and laptops for girls to participate in the club.


The Ready app is designed to create a community experience amongst girls where they can chat, have fun and support each other. It is an AR location-based app where users can browse a diverse fashion catalog, save and share their favorite outfits, and chat with friends about what matters most to them.


Dufus Art Club is an all-girls weekly meetup where young artists get together and draw with like-minded individuals. Girls will enjoy the variety of courses such as character, environment, and comic design. Organic Onions provides scholarships and free art supplies to underprivileged girls who want to join the club.


Salubrious is your health blog where we share our health journey and encourage you to unlock your full potential. Without our health we have nothing, Salubrious provides an interactive and supportive environment where we not only talk about the problems, but also the solutions. We tackle topics like holistic living, detoxing, natural remedies, and oral hygiene. Salubrious can be your one-stop shop, er blog, for all-around holistic talk.

Phase 2 Projects

Phase 3 Projects